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Do you slouch whilst sitting at your computer, driving to work or even going for a walk? Our amazing full back straightener will help you sit and stand straight, whilst reducing back pain. Wear it under your clothes and no-one would be the wiser.

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We all know we need to sit and stand up straighter – but it’s hard to remember (and even harder to actually do) when you’re busy with a million other things. This full back posture corrector is here to help. Its figure 8 design slips on like a backpack, gently encouraging your upper back and shoulders into proper alignment – relieving pressure, strain and tension, and straightening rounded shoulders and jutting necks. Just an hour a day helps!

Gardening, cleaning, driving, mowing the lawn, carrying groceries – sometimes, your back needs a little extra help getting it all done. But if your posture brace forces you to move like a robot… what’s the point? This back posture corrector is lightweight without sacrificing support, so you can sit, drive, walk, lift, turn and bend in proper alignment (and look human while you do it).


  • Puts back in a natural position, whilst still letting you carry on your normal day during wear
  • Made of durable and elastic material
  • Super comfortable and breathable
  • Fits both men, women, and children
  • Easy to put on by yourself
  • Fully adjustable
  • Trains your muscles to retain good posture
  • Hand-washable with cold water

Size guide

SizeWaist (cm / inch)
S70 – 80 / 27.56-31.50
M75 – 85 / 29.53-33.46
L85 – 95 / 33.46-37.40
XL90 – 105 / 35.43-41.34
XXL100 – 110 / 39.37-43.31
XXXL105 – 115 / 41.34-45.28
XXXL110 – 125 / 43.31-49.21

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What's it useful for?

Helps to combat poor posture, thoracic kyphosis, lordosis, hunchback and spine misalignment.

How does it work?

The moulded medical cartilage built into our posture corrector applies a gentle but consistent force across the whole back. This cartilage is fully encased in a soft, elasticated, breathable neoprene fibre to ensure comfort during use.

Does it really work?

Every back is built differently, but with the proper adjustment, 95% of customers have reported having seen a significant improvement. Please do be aware that correcting gestures needs time and the more you use, the benefits will only become more noticeable.

How does it feel when wearing it?

You will feel a consistent, but gentle force pulling on your spine. You shouldn't resist this force and instead just relax. There will be discomfort during the first few uses, but this will not last.

Does it help the lower back too?

Yes! Unlike many rival products, our posture corrector supports the full back.

How long should I keep it on for?

We recommend wearing it for one hour, twice a day. Our corrector is designed to improve posture, rather than provide permanent support, so you should avoid wearing it for extended periods of time. For best results, wear your corrector for 15-30 minutes per day for the first week. Then add 20 minutes more every day as you get used to it.

Can I wear this when playing sport?

You sure can! We've had many customers 'swear by it' when playing sport, but do speak to a physio first.

Can I wear it under clothes?

Yes! Use this magical gadget anytime and anywhere you go as it is completely seamless under your clothes.

22 reviews for Posture Corrector Back Brace

    Posture Corrector Back Brace photo review
    Very lightweight and breathable. It's a comfortable fit and fully adjustable with the pull straps. You can tightness according to your needs. The first week you wear will feel pain at the backbones. After that it will get comfortable. Highly recommended.
    Posture corrector
    I use it every day at my work. Great support for my back all day especially when I am lifting stuff.
    Posture corrector
    Marko Latas
    It has good support and it is comfy. Escpecially it is good thing if you sit on your work and forget about your back
    Posture corrector
    Joshua Appau
    Awesome! I have bought this product since I have been working from home with no office chair! It has improved my posture and reduced the back pains. Easy to wear, and light on shoulders after a while it feels like you are not wearing it at all! Stretching my back on a daily basis. The back support is strong and makes no movement. Fully adjustable and easy to fit. The Elastic straps are very comfortable even when tighten up. I am really pleased with this product highly recommended!
    Posture corrector
    Victor Chergan
    It's very good for my back. I drive the car all day and my back is constantly tense. At lunch break and after work I wear it a half hour after that I feel much better, it helps me straighten my back, rests my muscles I even feel much better after that.
    Cant fault it I brought the chesoer version and went straight in the bin so I bought this and very happy with it great support, it does hurt your arms a little but that might be down to me having it too tight
    The quality of the correction belt is very good. Good, good ventilation. This corrector is perfect to wear to correct your posture it’s easy to adjust.
    Had injury while back an these really help make sure get my posture right as soon easy slouch an end up crocked later, an is not an option for me ... had on for few hour an no discomfort felt good all round .. got a smaller version which helps keep shoulders back , thou recent my lower spine hurting a lot so trying make sure it heals right .. worth a buy an reasonable price ..
    Hendry Lui
    This is well made and sturdy . I have poor posture , backache . That's I looking for long time already . I need something to support and correct my back .l was worry the size be too big for me . 5 10 ,this is a size L and it perfect . But I find out all the straps can change the position and just stick onto the size I need , is very comfortable and support my back after put on. I love it. Once it's on it stays exactly where it is supposed to be.
    Paul Jones
    Started using mine today and so far so good seems to take the pain away enough to be able to move and walk. Comfy to wear and you can wear it under a top. Would recommend anyone who has back pain to give it a try. Will be using mine for when I'm working so everyday. Fingers crossed it sorta my back out finally after trying different things
    Sadek Ahmed
    I originally ordered this for the mrs, however as its too big for her, I thought I’d try it myself, as my posture isn’t the best due to sitting for up to 7 hours in one position. When I wore it for the first time, I was a bit sceptical, thinking it would stick out like a sore thumb and feel uncomfortable. However, when I wore it, I was proved to be wrong, I actually fell asleep wearing it. So, it definitely is comfortable to wear and does support your back. You can also adjust the tightness to suit your preference, would certainly recommend to others.
    Gui He
    I am so happy I have bought this one very good shoulder and back posture corrector especially when I have back pains and carry heavy goods for my job, the pain has slightly gone away. Very easy to connect and very useful.
    Michael Wood
    I buy it for my back pain. I use it for one day and I see the difference immediately!
    Posture corrector
    Posture corrector
    Posture corrector
    Laimonas Zemaitis
    Should have bought it earlier. Great thing to fix my wife's posture. She is wearing it for a while and I can tell the difference already. Even sleep got better. When the posture is correct, the blood flow is better. Would easily recommend.
    Brought for my husband his have back problems. Works brilliantly. He said it feels a bit restrictive at first, particularly around your upper body, but after a few minutes you’ll get used to it and find that it is actually helping you stand up straighter. The supplied pads make wearing it comfortable and the design makes it so that the straps don’t slide up into the underarm area. If you have problems with you back or neck muscles, this is the product for you.
    Sriram Karavatte
    The posture belt can be used while working at home or at office to help ease out the neck and back pain due to incorrect posture. It relieves pressure and tension and helps straighten rounded shoulders while still providing ease of movement in upper body for daily functions. It guides your chest open and provides full spine support with padded arms, helping in building a good posture. Can be used while doing any activity like gardening, driving, cooking, working at the computer, etc. without sacrificing support or hindering in the activities. Very useful product as it conceals easily under a coat or a shirt.
    Posture corrector
    I’m bought this for myself, but on husband fits better. But I’m using too. Very good corrector! If you all day work on computer - you must have some like this. Holds shoulders very well and does not give slouch. Helps to straighten the back after a long time carrying the child in arms. We used more time during work on computer and by evening, the back is not as painful as before
    Back posture corrector
    I usually have to sit for long for my work purpose, and that's how I got the back pain. I was looking for a back brace that could help with that, and found it! It really works. This brace fits my size, and it is really comfortable to wear under clothes. Finally, it is easy to take off and wash. 5 Stars from me!
    Harry Mckeon
    I bought this for my son after he had tried another brand and didn't find it good. When this arrived I tried it myself and now intend to buy a second one as I find it excellent. Its very comfortable , yet you feel you are getting the support you need … so very impressed
    I'm having a back pain all my life. I was trying a lot of different things to help my back to stay safe. But they didn't really help. My job involves heavy lifting. I'm not having any back pains since I've got this back corrector. My pain reduced to minimum. I feel strong and young since I started to wear it. I'm using it all the time. Simple thing makes great job to keep my back healthy.
    Have tried other posture support gadgets, but this is the best ever. It is very robust and easy for the user to put on without assistance. I have no doubt that it will prove efficacious in preventing my husband from curling up like a prawn and dying of pneumonia! Most old people do tend to have a worsening posture that prevents them from breathing properly and contributes to premature death.
    Adrian Dool
    I found your support Spinal Support Back Brace Adjustable Lumbar Shoulder Support Belt Strap Improve Bad Posture , including the shoulder/upper back and the lower back, because it seemed to me better It was adjustable in the right places, and so far, as long as I've kept to the instructions and recommendations - it's been comfortable enough to add to my day without feeling like it's not doing anything. I can definitely tell a difference between what I thought was me standing up "straight" and what is actually standing up straight - real difference. I have to keep up with it.
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