Pain Relief Compression Gloves

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Our incredible compression gloves have been shown to significantly relieve pain and alleviate the swelling caused by arthritis, sore muscles, tense joints or carpal tunnel. If you suffer from any of these, put these beauties on so you can get back to focusing on what matters.

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  • Pain relief gloves for women and men provide sore muscles, tense joints, arthritis or carpal tunnel relief for hands
  • Provides compression and warmth to enhance blood circulation
  • The fingerless pain relief gloves give you the freedom to carry on with everyday tasks with comfort and support for each finger and hands
  • Effective thermal anti-arthritis relief decreasing swelling of the joints – comfortable to wear hand supports all day and night

Size guide

As a quick heads up, when choosing a size, measure the width of your hand at the knuckles.

SizeHand width (cm / inch)
SUp to 7.9 / 3.125
MUp to 8.9 / 3.5
LUp to 10.1 / 4

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What’s it useful for?

Will provide comfort relief for a plethora of symptoms such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud's phenomenon, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupytren's contracture, psoriatic arthritis and even sport-related injuries.

Do these really work?

Our customers overwhelming say yes, they do! We have had an incredibly positive response to our compression gloves and so can say with confidence that they have a very high likelihood of providing pain relief to you too.

How do they work?

Our fantastic gloves massage away pain by gently compressing joints, whilst increasing circulation to aching hands, fingers and wrists through acting as an insulator.

Can they be washed?

Yes! We'd recommend hand washing.

Should I choose a smaller size so they're tight?

Nope! Just measure across your hand at the knuckles to give you the correct size.

Will these help with RSI in the fingers?

Yes, in fact we have had a lot of feedback from customers to say that it has relieved much of the pain that RSI causes.

19 reviews for Pain Relief Compression Gloves

    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Faith S.
    These gloves are great! Really help with the pain in my hands and makes everyday stuff a lot easier
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Thanks so much, very comfortable and good. I like wearing the gloves every night and need relax at home. I have order 2×2 gloves use at home and at work. ????????
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Shana Allan
    I immediately put them on and the compression of the gloves covering my hands were totally awesome. My hands stayed warm and the gloves felt like second skin - my hands for the first time in YEARS felt like they were manageable again.
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Karen Mascio
    OK, so I got these gloves NOT for arthritis, but because my hands FREEZE!! I really like these. I'm able to wear them while I'm working (even typing at a computer). I love that the fingertips are free so that I can even easily operate any devices with a touch screen. It is also easy to turn pages.
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Frankie Bohanan
    These are my first compression gloves. I have been suffering for a couple of years with arthritis in my fingers, wishing there was such a thing as compression gloves (I don't get out much). They are amazing!
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Aurora Deboer
    Wow, amazingly my hands don't wake me in the middle of the night any more!
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Angela Barker
    I love these gloves. I suffer from arthritis in hands, especially my right hand. I wear these gloves at night. They really work nicely during the winter time. They keep my hands warm. No stiffness or cracking. These gloves are very light and the fabric is very soft. They don't bother me at all when I'm sleeping. Easy to wash and the still retain there elasticity after washing. I got a pair of large. Very good fit. These gloves really do work.
    Robert K.
    The gloves were for my wife and she loves them. It helps her a lot for her hand.
    Lyn S.
    I bough a pair for my daughter in Missouri and she wears them to her son's football games. She has mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome and she says they keep her hands warm and no aching. I bough myself a pair and wear them everyday as I have arthritis in my wrist and hand and they really make them feel goid. Love the compression.
    Yesenia E.
    I ordered based on their size chart and at first glance they seemed small but once I put them on I realized they were a perfect fit. They gloves fit snug on my hands and don’t apply extra pressure. My hands are a lot less cold when I wake up in the morning. In addition, the pain around the knuckle area is controlled within 10min after putting them on.
    Ruth C.
    Very pleased with product
    Ainol M.
    Thanks so much, very comfortable with the gloves. Because my swollen fıngers and my hands. At work, my duty on retrieval files and wear the gloves. At home , need sleep and wear the gloves at night. ????????
    Constance M.
    I bought a pair for my boyfriend. I was so pleased with how much the gloves helped my hands that I bought a pair for the most important person in my life because he has problems with arthritic hands as well.
    Sammy Manning
    My mother in law suffers from pretty gnarly rheumatoid arthritis so I got these for her to hopefully make things a little easier. It's been a few weeks now and she still thanks me for getting them every single time I see her.
    Vera Cortez
    My husband has arthritis but he doesn't like to show that he's in pain or suffering at all. He'd rather suck it up than ask for something like this, so I went ahead and just bought them for him ;) I can tell he really likes them!
    Andrea Gomez
    They're sooo comfortable. When I first opened them, I didn't think they'd do much but they really do make a huge difference!
    Ethel Simpson
    I love these gloves! I wear them constantly at home. I also bought a pair to keep in my purse too when I go places.
    Grant Harvey
    I work on elevators all day which is a lot of tool work. My hands are usually swollen by the time I finish up my hours. These gloves have been a huge help. It's nice that they're fingerless so I can actually wear them while I work if my hands start to hurt.
    Anti-Arthritis Compression Gloves
    Wendie B.
    Very comfortable and lightweight, help my fibro pain immensely
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