Never Snore – Magnetic Anti-Snoring Device

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Never feel self-conscious about your snoring again with our magnetic, (almost) magical Never Snores. Simply clip them onto your nose with the gentle in-built magnets and instantly breathe more easily whilst never being embarrassed again.

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  • Magnets inside the nose clip open the nasal passage to prevent snoring
  • Double-stitching to ensure long lifetime quality
  • Non-itchy material to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Strong nasal strips to help expand your nasal space for more breathing room
  • High-quality and durable material
  • Subtle, comfortable design replicates the anatomy of your nose
  • Medical silicone, BPA free plastic

What’s included

  • One magnetic Never Snore (one size fits all)
  • Transparent protective case

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What's it useful for?

Snoring issues, stress relief, dry mouth, deviated septum breathing problems or a lack of sleep.

How does it work?

Our Never Snore devices are built with soft silicone to make sure they sit snug against your nostril without hurting it. Magnets inside the nose clip gently open the nasal passage, allowing the wearer to breathe more easily, thus preventing or drastically reducing your snoring.

Does it really work?

Snoring is a science, and people snore for different reasons. In studies, Never Snores have shown to prevent snoring for 96% of testers. Not for you? We'll give you a full refund.

Will it fit my nose?

Yes! The Never Snores' small size and cushioned outer later ensures they fit into anybody's nostril.

What's it made of?

Never Snores are made from BRA-free, medical-grade silicone.

15 reviews for Never Snore – Magnetic Anti-Snoring Device

    Snore stopper
    Cameron Gibson
    Very convenient to use. Great for sleep outs.
    Ricky Hunt
    It is very useful! Keeps any nasal or airway obstruction.
    Anti-snore clip
    Kristina Reynolds
    Easy to use and effective!
    Nose clip
    Nadine Edwards
    So cute! Very convenient.
    Carmen Spencer
    I thought it was a bit gimiky, but it actually works.
    Snore stopper product
    Bruce Gregory
    It has nice case too! Awesome!
    Gordon Houston
    Comfortable to use and effective.
    Flora Stevens
    On top of being effective snore-stopper, it can prevent snoring complications like obstruction of air and suffocation.
    Kenny Wilkins
    The quality is soft and comfortable.
    Allan Neal
    No more sleepless nights! thanks
    Jeanne Singleton
    Nice. Very effective yet affordable.
    Sonja Mann
    I really wanted this since I saw it months ago but was a bit hesitant. It came yesterday and I am so glad I gave it a try.
    Belinda Moran
    I can easily plug this on my husband while he's asleep. I will be ordering more for my mom and dad! lol
    Angel Lowe
    Very nice! It's comfortable to wear.
    Devin Lynch
    Not expecting it to work great. Awesome!
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