Magnetic False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Set

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Our magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner gives you a natural, gorgeous and long-lasting look. The fake eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. Ultra-lightweight, you may even forget you are wearing them.

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  • Achieve a natural look with our Grade A, handmade, ultra-soft hair that will not cause eye irritation or damage to natural eyelashes
  • Completely waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Safety guaranteed thanks to 100% non-toxic, latex-free, no-glue ingredients
  • Universal fit to all eye sizes and shapes
  • Easy to use, with no prior experience or glue needed. After applying the eyeliner, simply hold the lashes against the eyeliner and gently snap them into place
  • Holds all day whilst being easy to reposition thanks to its 5 magnet design (many competing products only have 3)
  • Comfortable design without visible magnets or sagging lashes
  • Long-lasting and waterproof liquid eyeliner
  • Reuse many times with proper use and storage, thanks to newly upgraded magnetic lashes, saving you money from buying tons of false lashes

What’s included

  • One set of magnetic, ultra-soft lashes
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof magnetic eyeliner
  • Rose gold tweezers allowing you to apply with precision
  • Rose gold protective case with an inbuilt mirror

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Our tips

  • The eyeliner contains magnetic beads. Shake it before use. Magnetic force is better!
  • The magnetic liner is waterproof and smudge-resistant, but the makeup remover can be easily cleaned.
  • Magnetic tabs can be cut to any required length. After use, remove the tabs and clean the magnets for reuse

How to apply

  1. Shake magnetic eyeliner 10-20 times before applying to eyelids
  2. Apply 2 to 3 coats of magnetic eyeliner to enhance magnetic strength
  3. Apply eyelash when magnetic eyeliner is fully dry
  4. Apply eyelashes, start from eye inner corner, gently hold lashes to eye line
  5. When you are happy with the placement, lightly press lash down to set it tighter

How to apply magnetic lashes

How to remove

There are three methods to remove the eyelashes:

  • Wipe directly with makeup remover
  • Pull it down gently by hand
  • Clip it directly with eyelash tweezers
How do they work?

Our magnetic false eyelashes provide to perfect way to bring out your stunning raw beauty. Simply apply two to three coats of the included magnetic eyeliner and then when fully dry, apply each lash. No previous experience is needed, with the lashes 'jumping' to the magnetic liner when held close to the eye line.

Are they well-made?

You can be sure of a natural look thanks to the Grade A, handmade, ultra-soft hair that we use in our lashes.

How long are they?

Each eyelash is between 1cm-1.5cm.

What type are they?

Our eyelashes are natural long, full strip lashes.

Can I re-use them?

Yes! They can be used many times and are strong enough to hold up to a full day, just make sure to take good care of them.

What if the lashes are too long?

Our lashes are specifically designed to be trimmable, so if they are too long for you, just give them a cut!

How can I remove the eyeliner?

Standard make up remover or face wipes work just fine to remove the eyeliner.

20 reviews for Magnetic False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Set

    Magnetic eyelashes case
    Sally Mansworth
    I have never tried lashes, but incredibly I successfully put it on for the first time.They are soft and very light on my eyes, made me feel super cute, I will keep buying these.
    Love them. So easy to put on as well
    Thought these would be a load of rubbish but they’re actually amazing! Went on a night out and they didn’t budge once and got a few compliments aswell! Just make sure you apply lashes after the eyeliner has dried!
    Zoe Brown
    Fantastic! Much better than some much more expensive sets I've purchased. The largest of the lashes is a little too dramatic for me but the smallest set is perfect for everyday wear. Easy to apply, liner is great and smooth too. Will purchase again
    AMAZING what more can I say...I know every1 prob already knows but I've heard people moaning so... always make sure the eyeliner is dry before applying the magnetic field is not present until the eye liners dry so all you do is ruin your eyelashes
    Sally S. Ducksworth
    I have tried different types of magnetic eyelashes and those are so far my favorite. The eyeliner is nice quality and lashes will stay on int all day. I only recommend putting eye primer before it. If you have greasy eyelids eyeliner will come off.
    Pardeep Maheshwari
    The eyes are very vivid when put on. The eyes are very big and bright when pasted. It's also very comfortable and easy to operate. The eyelashes are naturally curled up. The stickiness is very good. It's very convenient to remove makeup. I'm very satisfied with it
    Katie Penny
    It has been evaluated for a period of time. It is very comfortable and easy to operate. The eyes displayed are very large and bright. It is natural and vivid. It has no irritating eyes. It is cost-effective. I am very satisfied with this shopping.
    Magnetic eyelashes case
    Sandra Lopez
    Amazing on first use. I don’t usually get my eyelashes done but I am an eyelash technician. I put a layer of the eyeliner on top of my usual eyeliner. Left it to dry for 5 mins and put the lashes on. So so impressed with them on first use. Don’t know if they would stay on all day but so far so good. Defo buy these ones if you’re looking to get some!
    Lexi Benny
    It is easy to use, and will not hurt your eyes. Some products will have allergies. But this product will not, it is very comfortable, the eyelash is soft, the eyeliner is waterproof, the makeup effect is very good, it is easy to make up.
    Alexandra Marr
    These look high quality, well crafted, and appear “fluffy” with the tapered ends (which was what I wanted), a really really pretty style.
    Sandy Ochojna
    I was really surprised at how good these are! There were 10 pairs of lashes, all of different designs and lengths. The eyeliner goes on really easily and at the end of the night comes off easily and the eyeliner comes off easily too. Definitely recommend
    Samantha Blake
    I think the lashes are very flattering. it's super easy to apply. It shouldn’t be sticky anymore and once it’s dry it’s good to go. I love that there’s so many options. I think the fact it comes with tubes of eyeliner is a big bonus. It’s going to last awhile. Anyways, definitely worth the purchase and makes me want to check out their other lashes!
    Tania Revis
    So I searched for a brand with good reviews and found these lashes.My eyelashes are light and I like false eyelashes, but they don't stick on with glue.So when I saw that these were applied with liquid eyeliner, I was ecstatic!I am a professional liquid eyeliner, so my new ones will be easy, I can easily apply eyeliner, after trying out some lashes, they look great!
    Franny Bohannon
    This is the kind of eyelash I've found comfortable, it looks as natural as possible.When I buy this magnetic eyelash, it will be easy to put on, just put on the eyeliner, let it dry for 1 minute, use the tweezers inside, put the eyelash on the spot where you draw the eyeliner, it will be so easy to use and last all day!Absolutely, if you're looking for comfortable eyelashes, these are all you need, and I'll buy them back when they run out, plus, they're reusable.
    Keith G.
    I love that these lashes look more natural than others. They are not too long and don't look like I have a shelf on my eyelids. Using the magnetic eyeliner has a learning curve to it, it takes practice , but I have not given up and I am hooked. I absolutely love them. I have found for me 3 coats of eyeliner and I am good all day. No one wants to walk around with an eyelash half way off. I haven't had this problem since I started using 3 coats of eyeliner.
    Joy Par
    I love these lashes! I get so many compliments about them at work that I’ve already recommended them to at least 15 people; and they all have ordered them already! They love them just as much as I do. Easy to apply, last all day and looks natural. I wish they would sell a multi pack of just the daily wear ones, but I’m still happy about the choices. Get themback around the holder and they're like brand new. I can put my lashes on in like 30 seconds and out the door I go. I love these!
    I was skeptical of magnetic eyelashes.... I didn't think they would work because I've never had luck with the glue on eyelashes. I was surprised to find how easy it is to use and how well they stick. After day one I was a pro with the magnetic eyelashes! The best tips I received and came in handy: make sure you let the eyeliner dry before you put the eyelashes on, and also after a few days of using them make sure you wipe them off with oil free makeup remover to keep the magnets nice and clean.
    I have used several magnetic eyelashes before, but so far this is my favorite. The quality of eyelashes is very good, and the price is not cheap. The magnet is very strong, I like to have 5. Having 5 magnets makes it easier to customize the size, because then you don’t have to worry about trimming your eyelashes, and you don’t need to leave enough magnets on your eyelashes to use it. I like this brand and will continue to buy it in the future! These are great. I recommend these to anyone, and believe that beginners can implement applications with a small amount of practice.
    I can share with you how to apply eyelashes with short eyelashes!! My eyelashes are very short, so it is a bit difficult to keep the top eyelashes really close to my eyelids, hold it tight and stay there, because the magnet at the bottom has nothing to catch Yes, but applying mascara and curling it does help practice. Before I apply the top magnets, gently bending them in the middle will at least help my eye shape. The best way for me is to use my fingers to fix the top magnet in place, then use tweezers to gently buckle the bottom magnet-the eyelashes instead of the magnet, then attract it to the top magnet and snap it into place . eyelash!
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