10 Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Lip Masks

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Our anti-wrinkle collagen lip masks instantly moisturises, nourishes and firms dry, chapped lips. Finding your lips are chapped, lost their colour or you’re spotting wrinkles around your mouth? Use our 100% natural lip masks and instantly see the difference.

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  • 100% natural and safe for home use
  • Treats dry and dull lips, lip lines, dehydrated lips and wrinkles around the edge of the mouth
  • Reduces wrinkle lines, gives smoother firmer skin and improves hydration to protect against premature ageing
  • Removes dead skin cells, attenuates surface colour and balances skin tone
  • Components are easily absorbed by penetrating deep into the skin
  • Provides collagen for a fuller lip look
  • Includes 10 (yep you heard it, 10) lip masks of varying colours

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How do I apply it?

  1. Cleanse and then thoroughly dry your lips
  2. Place one of the lip masks against your lips and then gently press down on the sheet to secure it
  3. Leave the mask on your lips for at least 15 minutes to ensure the essence of the collagen is completely absorbed
  4. Repeat once a day for the first week to make sure your lips gradually restore their full abundance, then repeat 2-3 times a week
What are they useful for?

These wonders help alleviate chapped lip lines, diluted lip pigmentation and wrinkles around the edge of the mouth.

How do they work?

Each of our collagen lip masks contains a blend of exfoliating enzymes to moisturise and soften your lips, whilst helping to prevent wrinkles around the edge of your mouth by gently removing ageing skin.

Do they actually work?

They sure do! Our testers have proven that our lip masks consistently provide an instantly refreshing sensation and help prevent dryness and wrinkles.

Are they safe to use?

Yes! Our lip masks are 100% natural and are safe for home use without any prior training.

Can I reuse them?

Nope, lip masks are one-use only, however with this set you'll easily be set up for the next month.

24 reviews for 10 Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Lip Masks

    Collagen lip masks
    Collagen lip mask
    Love these! So moisturising absolutely amazing
    Collagen lip masks
    Many and inexpensive.
    Collagen lip masks
    Got it fast. Hasn't used it yet. 10 PCs as ordered.
    For the fourth time I order such masks as a gift to customers. Everyone likes it. Recommend
    Collagen lip masks
    As in the photo fast delivery seller at the top I recommend
    Girlfriend is very happy thanks
    They go perfect on lips feels smooth after used
    Kelly Han
    This is the type of face mask that need to be lying down and relaxing, not the type that you can put on and also do some house chaos... otherwise it will fall off.. which is a good thing! Face feel hydrate after use and no reaction. Good product but no ingredients outlined on the package so if you have very sensitive skin and history of many allergies check with seller before hand and make sure to do allergies test before use on your full face.
    This mask makes you confident that your skin will be hydrated good enough. It’s good to have a steady place where you’ll have a short break for the time of the process otherwise the mask may fall off. After about 30 minutes your skin is much smoother and looks fresher and tidy. It’s not enough for eyes surroundings that’s why you’ll have to use the mask designated only for eyes.
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from these masks. I’m a huge fan of the under eyes ones already. This pack was really good value for money. The masks are very soft & limp and just settle on to your face perfectly. I have allergies which make my face puffy sometimes & these genuinely take the puffiness down - especially round the eyes. I don’t know if they necessarily make you look younger or anything like that but they definitely have the “feel good” factor & make you feel like you’re being well pampered.
    Love these and great value for money
    Love them!!
    Jacey Miles
    It works it hydrated and made my lips soft very good definitely works and worth it.
    Hydrating good, lips feel better, don’t make plumpest. I’ll order more
    Amazing to hydrate lips before putting on make up! I usually keep it on for about 20-30 mins and my lips look plump and soft!
    I love these they fit perfectly they feel good on my lips I leave them on for 20 min worth buying will be getting more.
    Feels nice on lips, I got these for my eyelash clients
    Lip mask effect
    Lip mask effect
    Lip mask effect
    I started to use this product a week ago now and as you can see from the photos this product does work, within half an hour I can see the difference. And I'm starting to notice a change as the weeks go by how they naturally look fuller. Very happy and would recommend.
    Jane Mackenzie
    Brilliant product for your face. Makes my skin look really healthy...
    Mandi Mango
    Value for money? - Most definitely! Always loved these gold collagen masks they work wonders for wrinkles. I’ve used them for a long time now and they smooth out the skin and you look refreshed. They kinda give a bit of a face lift, lips definitely plumped & under eye area smoothed out. This set has 15 masks. Came well packaged. The lip masks didn’t specify a length of time to leave on though but all of these type of masks are to be left on for 20-30 minutes so go with that. They are a soft, thick rubber type material but very slippery so lie down whilst using! The great thing about these is you don’t need to wash them off, just massage the leftover product in which saves time if you are doing all 3 on your facial pamper night ???? Would definitely recommend ⭐️
    Best mask I have bought in a long time. Feel so refreshed afterwards.
    My lips I found they stayed on well especially if you rest were great the fluid it came in soaked straight into my lips.
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