BrightLight – Motion Sensing LED Light Strip

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Add a touch of class with this smart home automation essential and forget about fumbling through drawers and cupboards, stumbling in the dark or simply making your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. With our BrightLight strips, you can elegantly light up your home.

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  • With a super-sensitive motion activation of distances up to 5 meters/16 feet and a delay of 15 seconds, our BrightLight is a simple and effective way of saving energy and adding automation to your home – you’ll never have to worry about lights being left on again
  • No need for wires thanks to being entirely battery powered
  • Leave no holes in your wall thanks to BrightLight conveniently sticking to surfaces with high-quality 3M PE foam
  • BrightLight works out of the box with no need for any setup, just add batteries!
  • Seamlessly remove your BrightLight thanks to it attaching magnetically to the sticky foam

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How does it work?

Thanks to BrightLight's passive infrared technology, its LED motion sensor light can detect the motion of a human in the dark and will automatically turn on up to 5 meters/16 feet, and automatically switch off after a few seconds when no motion has been detected.

Where can I put it?

A lot more places than you'd expect! Some of our favourite spots are: under the bed to elegantly guide you in the night, in drawers and cupboards to brighten areas with no plugs, on stairs for a cool effect to wow guests and even outside on the terrace.

How does it charge?

BrightLight charges wirelessly thanks to 4 AAA batteries (not included).

What is the size of it?

BrightLight is 190mm/7.5 inch long, 30mm/1.2 inch tall and 15mm/0.6 inch wide.

25 reviews for BrightLight – Motion Sensing LED Light Strip

    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Harry R.
    These lights are awesome. I used them in my closet because it was dark and hard to find anything. This is probably the best purchase I've made in a while. What a great deal for a quality product. The sensor is responsive and the strips are magnetic so it's easy to changes the batteries. I've had these light for a month now and I don't know how I lived without them.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Hilton J.
    I do like that it is a plug in so I can mount it just about anywhere. I don't need to worry about hard wiring, etc....Pros it's easy to Install, easy to use, good size and weight.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Cillia H.
    I bought 2 of these to use under my kitchen cabinets but changed my mind after I got them. I placed one under my kitchen stove hood and now I can actually see what I'm cooking on the burners! I didn't need any installation because my stove hood is metal and the light has a strong magnetic strip on it. I set it to motion detection and it works beautifully. The other one will be going in my storage shed, just haven't put it out there yet.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Penny H.
    My daughter is afraid of darkness ) And the switch in the kitchen is too high for her.. So this lamp is saver! We fixed it on the fridge near the entrance and now everything is fine in the evening - she just appeares near the entrance and the lamp switches on. Great. It's lightweight but bright.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Helm W.
    I use this Light to illuminate the shelves with my cosmetics where there is no lighting system. So I quickly find all need is in my daily makeup routine. This little light gives out quite the brightness.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Allen R.
    This lamp was even better than I expected. It is equipped with a separate mount with a magnet function, as well as adhesive tape. This allows you to use the lamp in different places. I liked this function. Second, the lamp has a motion response sensor. This feature is just perfect for me. I attached a lamp in my daughter’s room and when she gets up at night she doesn’t have to look for a turns on, the lamp lights up by itself!!!
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Barry R.
    This product is amazing, it is very bright and much needed inside my closet where it’s dark. 5 star.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Tom C.
    This product is very bright and helps when you’re unable to find the light switch or don’t want the entire brightness of a light switch. Is rechargeable so you can just take it off the magnet strip and let it charge during the day. No hassle.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Anderson U.
    I needed more light to the kitchen. This lamp fit perfectly. No wires, good hardware!Very convenient motion response system. Children constantly forget to turn off the light and with this lamp do not need to do. Very harmoniously fit into the interior.Very easy and convenient to charge
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Kelly K.
    Good seller, motion works fine, soft and bright, rechargeable is ideal, installs a breeze, just ordered 3 more.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Lee D.
    This closet light is awesome. I installed in a gun safe. It comes on when I opened the door, and goes out 15 seconds after I close the door. It is very bright, but I mounted on the ceiling of the safe so it puts light in the right places. It comes on in the middle of the daytime or if the room light is on. Not sure how charged it was when shipped but I haven't had to charge it yet and it has been a couple weeks since I installed it. Magnetic strip works great. I attached it to a sticky velcro strip and attached the velcro to the top of the carpeted safe liner.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Mason P.
    It is great to be able to see what is in my closet. I have been using the light for a month and it still startles me when I step into the closet and the light comes on. I have been without a light for over 15 years. I use the closet every day - several times a day and the light has not gone out. I have charged it twice with no indication that a charge was needed. It has a good magnet that holds it in place. (My doorframe is metal) I intend to purchase more.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Jim S.
    Easy installing! Sleek looking! You just need to stick the magnetic stripe base where you want the light. I had the light installed under the kitchen cabinet and above the sink. It’s very bright and helps making it easy for me to wash dishes.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Selina S.
    I was looking for a portable light that I could use to light up the top of our stairs without turning on all of the hallway lights as we have multiple bedrooms on the 2nd floor and that usually ends up waking up everyone. I didn’t want a light that was overly bright but that would be safe to walk down the stairs and ideally would only turn on when motion detected so this product really ticked all of the boxes.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Yek Y.
    One of the best motion sensor lights on market today. I did not expect it to work so well. Designed perfectly with intensity and focus. Installation takes less than a minute. It auto shuts in 30 seconds. There are two modes. One which works in dark and one which works in light as well. It detects motion in 20 feet. I use it for my tarantula display. It has neodymium magnets which keeps the lights from falling down.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Mika T.
    Ordered this to put in my closet. Now I can see easily. I'm not in there for long periods of time of course, so one charge should last a while! It's pretty bright, in the picture the lights are completely off with the led light bar on.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Jenifer K.
    I bought this LED Closet Light 1) for the kitchen and 2) for camping. It has a motion sensor and adjustable illumination brightness. The light has 2 installation options: adhesive tape for permanent installation or a magnet for metal surfaces. The magnet is great for a fridge. If you like to drink water in the kitchen at night, this light with a motion sensor is for you. It is also easy to take this led light with you to the campsite and it can works for several hours in continuous mode. Completely satisfied, I'm glad I bought it.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Sky C.
    The best thing about this lamp is that it's easily detachable from its base, so you can use it whenever you want (before I ordered the second one, I took this one to the storage and different areas of the kitchen). Also, the base sticks perfectly to any surface.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Jocey E.
    If you like me and have no lights under your cabinets... you should get one :) What a difference it makes! Love motion detection feature a lot. I no longer bumping into things while looking for a light switch. I also appreciate that I can simply recharge this bad boy (battery life has been great for far). In fact, after giving this mighty light a try I will order one for under each cabinet - very economical and easy solution.
    BrightLight - Motion Sensing LED Light Strip
    Magon E.
    Overall this was a great purchase and I can see a lot of different use cases for this including closet spaces, pantries and other locations that don’t have ready access to a usual light source.
    Richman Q.
    This is a terrific LED motion sensor light.I like that it gives you different modes and could be left on if you like, not just as a motion sensor. Also, it is charged with provided USB cable. I installed it in a dark area and it works great in the motion sensor mode. The magnetic base makes it so that I can just pull it right off to recharge it.
    Cally K.
    These new LED lights are great for our truck tool boxes. We were planning on having to run wires to set up a basic light on our recovery truck. We found these rechargable LED closet lights and they actually work perfect for truck tool boxes. We added magnets to the base and now we can see everything at night without an issue. I love how you don't need wires so if you need to move it around you can just grab it and take it with you. This light has a motion setting as well as an always on setting as well.
    Chrisand M.
    The base easily and securely sticks to any surface. The lamp is lightweight and can be detached from the magnetic base without any effort. It slightly dimes when the battery is low. The motion detection also works great. Overall, one of the best lamps I've ever had.
    John A.
    We installed it in our little under the stairs dark storage and the light turns on when we open the door & step in to get something. It's so bright!
    Annie K.
    For the price, this is an incredibly versatile product.I cannot express how nice the build quality is on this. The design looks so nice, and the magnet is the most solid one I have used. It comes with a solid steel magnetic bar that can be mounted, making for quick removal.The light is very well made, very bright and stick well to most recommended surfaces.This kit has got everything you could possibly need ,and more!
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