BodyFit – ABS & Arm Muscle Toning Stimulator

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Melt away fat, tone and build muscle fast with our fantastic BodyFit ABS and arm muscle stimulators. Extra belly fat can be super difficult to get rid of and with a busy schedule it can feel impossible to get to the gym.

Whether you’re standing up cooking, sitting down watching TV or in the office working, BodyFit provides an advanced workout for both men and women that helps create a great looking body.

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  • Our BodyFit Muscle Toning Stimulator uses the most advanced EMS technology on the market to help build the body of your dreams by sending signals directly to your muscles to promote their development
  • Thanks to this advanced EMS technology, that’s currently being used in scraping, massage, acupuncture, tapping and more by the leading experts, BodyFit is the most powerful and effective 6-pack and arm solution on the market
  • With 15 levels of intensity to meet your daily exercise demands, this trainer can be used to stimulate your core, arms and lower body to produce strong, healthy muscles at lightning speed

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How to use the BodyFit

  1. Simply add a gel pad to the BodyFit
  2. For the ABS BodyFit, attach it between your ribs and hips. For the arm BodyFit, attach it around your upper arm
  3. Press the middle button to turn on the BodyFit and that’s away you go, it’s that simple!
How do they work?

Both the ABS and arm stimulators use the most advanced EMS technology to trigger muscle contractions, perfect for both men and women. EMS triggers the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses, providing a simple, 100% safe way to supercharge muscle growth and improved definition.

Do they really work?

Yes! When tested as a strength training tool, both the ABS and arm stimulators were shown to measurably improve muscle strength and improve visual definition.

What can they be used for?

Among their most popular uses, the stimulators are utilised as a strength training tool for healthy people and athletes, as a rehabilitation and preventive tool for partially or completely immobilized patients, as a testing tool for evaluating the neural and/or muscular function in vivo and also as a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes.

If someone is overweight, can they use this to help them lose weight?

Yes, however it must be sustained at least 3 months to be the most effective. During weight loss, controlling your diet and some exercises will yield the fastest results.

Can I use these on my upper legs?

Yes, but you shouldn't use the Body Gel Pads on body parts above the neck such as face and head.

How often should I use either of these to get the best results?

We recommend 20-30 minutes sessions, 5 days a week.

Should I use this if I have a medical condition?

Always consult a medical professional if you have any concerns about whether the BodyFit stimulators are suitable for you.

We don't suggest usage for any people with one of the following: an internal transplant, an electronic device implant, recent surgery on the ab or arm area, epilepsy, allergic reaction to hydrogel pads, blood circulation disorder, pregnant and postpartum women or cancer.

20 reviews for BodyFit – ABS & Arm Muscle Toning Stimulator

    Charlotte R.
    Great fun and it works, legs, abs and biceps were all flexing and you really feel it after each cycle.
    Reda A.
    Tried it and really felt the benefit from it.
    Was sceptical about do they really work but after the first use I am so much in love ! I am really happy what a purchase! How i didn't used before!
    Lee N.
    Impressed with this.
    Milly M.
    I'm definitely impressed that im going to keep up with this but also start adding my obiques and thighs into the twice daily routine now its helped me.
    Dave E.
    It really contracts the muscles! love it
    James H.
    It was an awesome extra part of my workout!!! You can feel, and see the results instantly!!! I just can't wait until summer now!! I give it an A+++.....two thumbs up!! Way up!!! Thank you! For this product..I would recommend it to anyone and all who want to look their best!!!!!! J.H.
    Inky M.
    Works well for toning muscles
    Nicholas R.
    The product was everything its claims. Works well not a cheap copy. have gotten results already. this is for the lazy people who want to do something about there sagging body. you can watching tv or just reading. it gives a 12 minute work out. I use it twice a day.
    Patsy W.
    I would recommend it to anyone
    Adam K.
    Did not think that this would work at all put it on my abs for about 20 minutes just before bed woke up the next day and it felt like I did 1000 sit ups
    Amy J.
    Can’t believe I’m writing a review for something I thought would be nonsense, but this actually works. Muscles are tighter and I can visibly see and feel a difference. I’m impressed!
    Manuel B.
    This is really good, it's amazing how good it works and how your muscles relax right after each used. this is really good, it's amazing how good it works and how your muscles relax right after each used.
    Andrey S.
    Awesome service prices discounts and delivery. Thank you
    Lamios M.
    Very powerful and can learn as you go . Easy to use
    Ian N.
    Shipping was good and this product works great.
    Amy J.
    My second order of this muscle stimulator. Why order 2? I’d hate to be without one, this works!! Legs look toner as does the abs. Seriously great product!!
    Melinda M.
    Crystal B.
    Heather P.
    It was delivered today and I have it on now ( am also doing thighs ) , I can feel it working and look forward to positive results .
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