Bark Trainer: Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Dog Trainer

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Stop barking with our incredible ultrasonic Bark Trainer. Whether it’s your dog (or the neighbour’s), this anti-barking trainer will help you regain the peace and quiet that’s been disrupted by nuisance barking.

Our handheld training aid emits a powerful (yet totally harmless) ultrasonic sound, teaching your dog to associate the unpleasant sound with disobeying commands to stop barking.

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  • Emits a harmless and humane ultrasonic sound to deter dogs from annoying and aggressive behaviours
  • Lightweight and portable handheld device
  • Works up to 50 feet (so you can stop the neighbour’s dog too!)
  • Requires battery (not included)
  • The LED flashlight also functions as a battery indicator

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How to use our Bark Trainer

Our Bark Trainer works by training your dog to stop barking by emitting an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by them. By repeating the steps below whenever your dog barks inappropriately, over time your dog will recognise that they shouldn’t bark and so will only do so in situations when it really is important.

  1. Point your Bark Trainer directly at your dog, always use an outstretched arm from a distance of approximately 6 feet away
  2. Give a verbal demand to stop, then immediately press the button for 1-2 seconds
Does it really work?

Yes! The numbers speak for themselves, with 94% of customers letting us know that within a month, they have seen a significant reduction in the amount their dogs have been barking.

How does it work?

This anti-barking trainer emits a powerful (yet harmless) 25 KHz ultrasonic sound, teaching your dog to associate the unpleasant sound with disobeying commands to stop barking.

Can it be harmful?

In short, absolutely not. We are all exposed to ultrasonic sound all day long, the only difference being that dogs can hear it. Whilst we can't hear the Bark Trainer at all, to dogs it has a maximum volume of 130dB, making it equivalent to a small personal alarm.

Will it work immediately?

It can do, but it's typically rare. Our Bark Trainer trainer is designed to help your dog negatively associate with barking, training it over time to avoid barking when it's not appropriate.

Can I use this to prevent my dog being aggresive?

Yes, in fact, this is one of the main reasons we find customers purchase our Bark Trainer.

19 reviews for Bark Trainer: Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Dog Trainer

    Anti-bark trainer
    Megan S.
    Training this little girl has become a breeze Thankyou for such a great product
    Anti-bark trainer
    Carrie L.
    Im so greatful to have this..this is very effective as I try in our neighbor disturbaNCE dog as always barking when i pass there way..its worhty the value.
    Anti-bark trainer
    Kent P.
    It works perfectly and is not abrasive with the animal. Perhaps the batteries it brings do not last long, but they are cheap to find. I have put batteries of good brand, to see if they last much longer. I have placed another order because it works, and the dog has stopped barking
    Anti-bark trainer
    Jaireh M.
    I'm trying this right now and it's working perfectly.
    Anti-bark trainer
    Allan P.
    Just recieved mine cant wait to try..Im so excited to use..thank you for fast delivery and good customer service.
    Sinead D.
    I have only used this product less than a handful of times while out walking with my dog. Now I only have to bring it in my pocket and my dog behaves.
    Maggie P.
    This product works with my dog ... stops territorial barking I only need to show her it now and she stops .
    Joy B.
    Really good it works wonderfully my 2 dogs were a nightmare with barking with 1 day of receiving this they are different dogs no more insistent barking only have to show them the yellow Torch now and peace reigns thank you so much
    Donna W.
    I’m amazed that it works . My dogs stop instantly whatever they are doing. I’ve not used it to stop barking yet as my dogs only bark if a reason to but will try it on neighbours dogs . I recommend this .
    Mandie W.
    Great service speedy delivery & it works a treat. Many thanks x
    Nina A.
    Is the first time my dogs have actually not barked. Was expecting another device that was rubbish but from first time I used it, my dogs stopped barking. Day 2 I didn't even have to press it, I just picked it up, that was enough to worry them. Well worth it!
    Grant A.
    This product really works! My dog immediately stop barking when I use it and even when she sees it in my hand. Highly recommend this product.
    Cheryl L.
    My dog stops barking every time l produce the device.
    Anti-bark trainer
    Susan W.
    This product is perfect I have three dogs two sausage dogs and a yorkie,the noise sometimes drove me mad no more .The first day I pressed it it worked I just have to show them it now without pressing it.Thanks so much. Mrs S Wignall Blackburn Lancashire
    Anti-bark trainer
    Mark F.
    I've tried other methods for excessive barking and this is the first one that actually works.
    Anti-bark trainer
    Melisa G.
    We have a much quieter home now. Wish it would work on the neighbors dog that is a block away. LOL
    Anti-bark trainer
    Mark A.
    I cant stop to use so funny..super Love can relieve stress.
    Anti-bark trainer
    Joseph L.
    It Works! Our dogs get very excited when someone comes to the door it makes it very hard to greet guests. Now I just press the button on the product and they(dogs) settle down and slink away enough to talk to my guest at the door. Thankful!
    Sue C.
    I have spent so much to stop dogs barking in the past including citrus collars. This little inexpensive device has trained my 3 mini Schnauzers. I take it on walks so they no longer bark at every dog we pass. I also use it when people come to house . 3 dogs barking meant complete 1 click & they go & sit on their bed. Only thing that has ever stopped them. Love it. I now have 2 . One in car & 1 at home
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